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WMS 3: Consignment Counting Report

How to generate the report:

Login into your WMS 3.0 account -> Go to Reports module from the left pane -> you'll be under Reports Management -> Click on Create New Report -> Select the Report Name -> Select the Company for which you want to generate the report -> Enter Email ID's (Optional, enter the email id only in case you want to get the report sent directly to email address once generated) -> Select the fields that you wish to have in the report -> Click on Update Selection as Default if you wish to have the current field selection as default for future report generation -> Select the frequency of the report generation (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Adhoc) -> Select the format of the report -> Click on Create Report.

Header & Definitions:


Company NameName of the Customer
Consignment TypeWhether it’s a PO/ASN
PO/ASN NumberPO/ASN no. of the 
Reference NumberCustomer's unique identification number
Created ByName of the user who create the PO/ASN
Creation DateDate of creation of the PO/ASN with time
Shipped DateDate of shipping of the PO/ASN with time
Received DateDate of receiving of the PO/ASN with time
Completed DateDate on which the process of receiving and put-away was completed with time
Supplier NameName of the Supplier
Supplier IdCode of the supplier
StateCurrent Status of the PO/ASN
Product NameName of the product
Product SKUSKU code of the product
UpcUPC / Product Barcode
BrandBrand of the Product
Consignment QuantityQuantity of the product mentioned in the PO/ASN
Received QuantityQuantity of the product received in the PO/ASN

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