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How to Delete the SKUs in WMS 3.0


  • Login into WMS account and go to Ad-Hoc Action’s module from the left pane.
  • Select the Warehouse for which you wish to delete the SKUs and click on Data Clean Up option.
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  • On the main page, select the Operation Name as Inventory Deletion, select the Company for which the deletion is needs to be done from the drop-down of Company Name, mention the Reason for the deletion.
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  • Select whether the operation to be performed for All the SKUs listed for the selected company or only few (selective SKUs).
    If only for Selective SKUs, download the template by clicking on Download Clean Up Upload Template (this option will appear only when Perform Operation For is selected for Selective SKUs).
    On the downloaded excel file, mention the SKUs to be deleted on the Sheet named Product SKUs & save the file.
    Note: To avoid any format change while updating the SKUs on the sheet, either enter the SKUs manually or if copy-pasting from another file, use the Paste Special function and paste the SKUs by values only option of Paste Special function.
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Description automatically generatedClick on Browse button to select & upload the saved file.Once the file is attached, the file name should appear instead of browse.
     In case need to change the file attached, click on the file name once again and select the desired excel file.
  • Click on Proceed button at the bottom.
  • To avoid any accidental deletion, we’ve added a security measure where the system will ask you to enter your login password to confirm the deletion.
  • Once clicked on Proceed, you’ll see the Alert pop-up for confirmation of deletion as below:
  • We’ve added this as a security measure to avoid any accidental deletion of the SKUs.
  • Enter your account login password and click on Confirm button.
  • You’ll get the confirmation pop-up on the top-right of the screen stating, “The request successfully pushed to the background for processing”, and you’ll be redirected to Bulk Activity page showing the completion percentage of the deletion request.

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