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What are the functions I can perform for Blibli via SelluSeller?

Here is the list of functions that you can perform for Blibli marketplace using SelluSeller:


  1. As soon as you connect your Blibli account, your existing live products on the marketplace will be automatically synced with your SelluSeller account.

  2. You can also manually sync all your live products on Blibli with your SelluSeller account by simply using the ‘Sync Product’ option available in SelluSeller.

  3. You can update the price of the products from SelluSeller to Blibli.

  4. You can sync Inventory/stock from your SelluSeller to Blibli account.

Order sync and processing

  1. Upon first time connection, SelluSeller will automatically sync your orders received in the past 30 days with your SelluSeller account. This will provide a ready dashboard for your analysis.

  2. SelluSeller will also sync your recent new/pending orders periodically for your further actions.

  3. SelluSeller also syncs the cancellation status from Blibli to SelluSeller periodically to keep the order status updated. 

  4. You can process the pending/new regular type orders and update their status on Blibli via SelluSeller.


  1. Product listing and update is currently not available via SelluSeller. But this will be enabled soon in the upcoming updates.

  2. In this current integration, you can process only regular types of orders. Big & BOPIS order processing will be enabled soon.

Click here to know how you can get the Blibli Merchant Code & Api-Seller-Key to connect with SelluSeller.

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