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Updating cSKU Images on Shopify via SelluSeller (OMS)

Q: Can I update cSKU images on Shopify through SelluSeller (OMS)?

A: No, once the cSKU is created on Shopify (either through SelluSeller or directly through Seller Center), Shopify does not allow image updates from other 3rd party sources.


Q: How can I add images to a cSKU during initial listing through SelluSeller?

A: During the initial listing of the cSKU, you can add the images through SelluSeller and proceed to list the cSKU.


Q: Can I update other details of the cSKU through SelluSeller after it's listed?

A: Yes, you can update all other details of the cSKU through SelluSeller even after it's listed, except for the images.


Q: How do I update cSKU images after it's listed on Shopify via SelluSeller?

A: Once the cSKU is listed, any image updates need to be done through the Shopify Seller Center itself.


Q: How can I ensure that the updated images reflect in SelluSeller after updating them through the Shopify Seller Center?

A: After updating the images through the Shopify Seller Center, you can perform a Product Sync in SelluSeller to ensure that the updated images are reflected in SelluSeller.

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