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Simplified Batch and Expiry Management Enablement

User Guide



This user guide provides instructions on how to enable Batch and Expiry Management for products in a simplified manner. With the latest enhancement, users can now enable these features directly from the action button associated with each product. This streamlined approach aims to reduce clicks and save time during the enablement process.


Step-by-Step Instructions:


1. Login:

   - Enter your credentials to log in to the system

A screenshot of a login form

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2. Navigate to Inventory:

   - Once logged in, navigate to the Inventory module.

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3. Locate the Product:

   - Identify the specific product for which you want to enable Batch and Expiry Management.



4. Access the Action Button:

   - Look for the action button or icon(A blue arrow in a circle

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5. Click on the Action Button:

   - Click on the action button to reveal the available options.


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6. Edit Batch and Expiry:

   - From the drop-down menu that appears, find and select the "Edit Batch and Expiry" option and click on it.

   - This option allows you to modify the Batch and Expiry Management settings for the selected product.


7. A new window will pop up where user can enable the batch and expiry:



8. User can enable the Batch and Expiry against the product and can provide batch and expiry to individual location and click on Update button.




9. In case if there is any ongoing process going on, user will get a prompt with the list of open operations.

   - If there are any ongoing processes related to the product, such as pending operations or tasks, a prompt will appear.

   - Go to each operation, and it will provide details about the process that needs to be completed before enabling or disabling Batch and Expiry Management.

   - Ensure that all necessary processes are finished before proceeding.


A screenshot of a computer

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10. Enable Batch and Expiry Management:

   - Once all requirements are fulfilled, Batch and Expiry Management will be enabled for the selected product.

   - This feature enables you to effectively manage batches and expiration dates associated with the product.


If the batch, expiry date, and manufacturing date match, they will be consolidated into a single stock location in WMS. This will prevent them from appearing as individual line items in the product inventory details and during any inventory-related activities.



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