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Guide on Bookmark Filters for Order Module




Save and Manage Bookmark Filters for Order


We are excited to introduce the new Bookmark Filters feature in the Order module, enhancing your order search experience. With this update, you can save and manage complex filters, making it easier than ever to find and access specific orders quickly.


Key Highlights:

  • Save and Manage Bookmarks: Save your favourite order search filters and manage them conveniently from within the Order module.
  • Descriptive Titles: Add descriptive titles to your bookmarked filters for quick identification.
  • Accessible List: Access your saved bookmarked filters in a neat list, making it easy to choose the right filter for your needs.
  • Edit and Rename: Modify the name of your bookmark filters anytime to keep them organized and relevant.
  • Effortless Deletion: Remove unwanted bookmark filters effortlessly with the delete option.
  • Auto-Update: Bookmarked filters will automatically update to match the current search criteria when you click the 'Save' button.
  • Default View Setting: Mark a bookmark filter as the default view. It will be applied when you log in and land on the order page, streamlining your workflow.
  • Personal and Global Bookmarks: Choose to save bookmarks as personal or global, ensuring flexibility in sharing filters across users.
  • Owner's Control: The owner of a bookmark filter can delete it at any time. Deleted global bookmarks will be automatically removed from all users.
  • Page-Specific Bookmarks: Customize bookmarks for different pages, such as order/new, order/pick, order/pack, order/dispatch, and more.



How to Use Bookmark Filters:

         1. Create Bookmarks: Apply the desired filters in the Order module and select Create Bookmark icon.

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Click the "Create Bookmark" button and provide a title for your bookmarked filter.


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      2. View all Bookmarks:  User can view the list of all Bookmarks after selecting Bookmark icon. 



  1. Save, Edit and Delete Bookmarks: User can Easily edit or delete your saved bookmark filters from the list. User can apply new filters and save it in the existing Bookmark.


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  1. Set Default View: Mark a bookmark filter as your default view for a seamless login experience.


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       5. Personal or Global bookmarks: Specify whether your bookmarks are personal or global during creation or           editing. Personal level bookmarks will be displayed to individual user, Global bookmarks will be available                across the company.




This new feature simplifies your order management tasks and provides a seamless way to optimize your workflow. Save time, enhance productivity, and keep your order search organized with Bookmark Filters for the Order module. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to improve your experience!

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Released Version:

Web WMS Version : v 3.0.0 



We hope this feature contributes to an effortless user experience for you.  

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.    

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