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How to create and list new KIT products on marketplaces and manage the exisiting KIT products in OMS?

Users can easily create KIT products in OMS Catalogue module and list them directly across various connected Marketplaces. The only condition to create and list KIT products from OMS is that all the induvial products should be available in Inventory Module. 

Note: KIT Product is also called as a bundle or combo of different products. While buying the KIT customer needs to buy entire KIT.For eg. if any seller selling electronic products then he can create a KIT of Mobile Phone with earphone and Back-cover. In this case customer has to buy entire KIT includes Mobile Phone, Earphone and Back-cover.


Whereas, Group is a variation of single product based on different option type such as Color, Size, Type. While buying customer can buy single product from Group.For eg. if any seller selling apparels then he can create a group of color or size variation of T-shirt such as small, medium and Large size T-shirt. In this case customer can but only small size T-shirt from group.


To create and list a new KIT product user needs to follow below steps:


Step1: Go to the 'Catalogue' tab.


Add product button


Step2: Click on the 'Add Product' button. The basic information page appears.


kit product-1


Step3: Select 'Kit' from the product type list.


Step4: In Step 1, fill in all the basic details and upload the images. Then click on 'Save as Draft' to save the details.


Step5: In Step 2, select all the marketplaces that you want to list the kit on and the respective categories. 


step 2 group product


Step6: Click on 'Start Listing' to list the kit on the marketplaces.


Apart from creating and listing new KIT products, users can also easily manage their existing KIT products from a newly connected Marketplace. During, the first time of  connecting Marketplace, the existing KITs will get synced as individual products in OMS and will have to mapped as KIT products using  Bulk KIT Mapping template. Once the mapping has been done the product type of those products will be changed to KIT.


To do the Bulk KIT Mapping user needs to follow the below steps:


Step1: Sign into SelluSeller. Go to the 'Catalogue' tab.


Step2: Click on the upward arrow (Bulk Actions) button. Go to the 'Bulk KIT mapping' option.

   Click on the download file option.


bulk kit download file


Step3: Update all the required details in the excel file. Go to 'Bulk KIT mapping' under the Bulk actions tab. Click on the 'Upload' button.

upload button bulk kit



Step4: A pop window appears for uploading the file. Import the updated details file and click on 'Upload'.


upload bulk kit



Managing Stocks/ATP for bundle products:


  • The available stock of a bundle product is calculated by dividing the available stock for each of its individual   products/components by the bundle quantity of those components, rounding down to the nearest whole  number and then selecting the lowest number. For example: There are two simple products in Anchanto OMS i.e. iPhone XS with available stock of 10 and AirPods with available stock of 20.


  • Once you've created the bundle, Anchanto OMS will calculate its stock with the method mentioned at the beginning of the article. In this case, the available stock of the bundle would be 10.


  •  User can't manage the quantity of bundle product directly. user can adjust inventory levels  of components in order to have a new available stock of the bundle.


    Note : 

  • KIT Product is an option exclusively for SelluSeller not for the marketplace.  
  • When you list the KIT SKU on the marketplace only the primary SKU is visible on the marketplace.
  • Once you have done KIT mapping it cannot be unmapped. User will have to delete or deactivate it from OMS



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