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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Unsynchronized Dashboard in the Orders Module


1. What is the Unsynchronized dashboard in OMS? 


 The Unsynchronized dashboard in OMS is a section where you can view orders that have not been synced to external systems or WMS. 


2. Why are some orders appearing on the Unsynchronized dashboard? 


 Orders can appear on the Unsynchronized dashboard if there are errors during the syncing process. 


3. Can I manually sync orders from the Unsynchronized dashboard? 


 Yes, you can manually sync orders from the Unsynchronized dashboard by selecting the orders and clicking the "Resync" button. 


4. Will an order disappear from the Unsynchronized dashboard once it's synced? 


 Yes, once an order has been successfully synced to the external system or WMS, it will disappear from the Unsynchronized dashboard. 


5. What should I do if an order is not syncing from the Unsynchronized dashboard? 


 If an order is not syncing, you should investigate the error message displayed and take appropriate actions to resolve the issue. If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, you can contact the support team for further assistance. 


6. How long do orders remain on the Unsynchronized dashboard? 


 Orders remain on the Unsynchronized dashboard until they have been successfully synced to the external system or WMS. 


7. Will the feature show the orders and errors that are not synced from the sales channel to OMS? 


 The feature tracks and monitors order syncing from OMS to other systems. However, it is important to note that it does not monitor the syncing of orders from the sales channel to OMS. 


8. What if the un-syncing of the order does not come from a specific error message?

 If errors occur, a default error message will appear on OMS. These error messages will be recorded over time and simplified into a human-readable format, enabling OMS users to take the necessary actions.


9. What is the syncing time, and does it get updated whenever someone clicks on resync? 

 The syncing time displays when an order attempts to sync from OMS to Anchanto WMS and external systems. If someone resyncs the orders in OMS, the syncing time will be updated accordingly.


10. If the unsynchronized order is cancelled in the marketplaces, the unsynchronized order will disappear in the unsynchronized order menu?

 The order will not disappear and will still be visible in the Unsynchronized Orders tab. However, if the same order appears in the new orders tab, it will be moved to the Cancelled Orders tab.

11. What does 'undefined method class’ error means?

 The 'undefined method class' error is a system error that requires further investigation.                    

If the error occurs while syncing orders from OMS to an external system, you should share the error details with the external system provider for review. On the other hand, if the error occurs while syncing orders from Anchanto OMS to WMS, the Anchanto support team will assist you in resolving the error. 

Note :


If orders fail to be pushed to WMS or remain partially checked, the following actions should be taken based on the reasons:

  1. If the reason is out of stock, either add the stock for further processing or sync it with Wareo.
  2. If the reason is unpaid, wait until the payment is done/verified.
  3. If the CSKU code is missing, add it from the Marketplace and sync it, or add it from OMS.
  4. If the SKU code is changed from WMS / OMS, / Marketplace, or if it's not matching.
  5. If the shipping carrier is not assigned, mark it as "Default" or assign a shipping carrier for the order.
  6. If the order has been cancelled, it will be moved to the cancelled status
  7. If the product type listing changes, a data fix will be required to resolve the issue. 
  8. If the store is disconnected and connected multiple times, the orders can be duplicated or unsynced
  9. If there is a change in the product listing after the order has been placed, the order may not sync to WMS / ERP; to resolve this issue, the user may need to contact customer support.  #Historical orders do not sync on WMS

# the store may have been auto disconnected.




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