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What are the features & function support in the integration between SelluSeller and TheMarket?

Here are some supported features & functions of this integration.


Operations at the time of marketplace integration:

  • Auto sync the existing products from TheMarket to SelluSeller once the seller connects their TheMarket store with SelluSeller account. All these products will appear under the draft state.
  • Orders from last 3 days are synced from the marketplace in SelluSeller


Order Management

  • Automatic syncing of orders with “Paid” and “Confirmed” status on TheMarket to Selluseller is done at every 5 mins interval.
  • Users can also sync the orders manually from SelluSeller using the sync order option available under SelluSeller >> Integrations >> Ecommerce Sales Channels >> TheMarket >> Sync Orders.
  • Once the seller marks an order as ‘Ready to Ship’ in SelluSeller, it will update the order status as ‘Shipped’ with the relevant shipping details (Carrier name & tracking number) to TheMarket.
  • TheMarket does not have an option to fulfill the order using marketplace integrated carriers so the seller can either use Anchanto integrated 3PL or its own fleet to fulfill the orders. 
  • TheMarket does not provide an invoice on its own so the seller can use an Anchanto generated invoice if needed.
  • Any cancellation of the orders from TheMarket is synced every 30 mins to SelluSeller. Any cancelled order will move to the “Cancelled” order status in SelluSeller.


Few Challenges

  • Due to unavailability of the API from TheMarket :
  • Users will be unable to update the order status as delivered from SelluSeller to TheMarket. It will be automatically marked as delivered in TheMarket once TheMarket defined SLA is reached.
  • Syncing the return orders from TheMarket to SelluSeller is unavailable at the moment.
  • Seller can not fulfill the partial order from SelluSeller to TheMarket with the current integration.


SelluSeller & TheMarket Order Status Mapping





Paid, Confirmed (if Auto confirm is enabled from the seller center)

Ready to Ship

Shipped, Confirmed (if Auto confirm is not enabled from seller center or the seller has not manually confirmed the order in seller center)




Inventory & Price Management

  • Auto sync inventory from SelluSeller to TheMarket as and when it changes in SelluSeller on a real time basis.
  • Sync inventory manually from SelluSeller to TheMarket using Sync Stock (if required).
  • Sellers can manage prices from SelluSeller to TheMarket for all products one by one or use Bulk Price Update file available in SelluSeller.


Catalogue Management

  • As per TheMarket product structure, the sellers can list only group (with variation) products from SelluSeller.
  • Sellers can list & update the group products one by one using SelluSeller user interface or list & update using bulk import (excel template) feature available in SelluSeller
  • Sellers can update the common product details like product title, description, warranty etc. from the group product details page whereas the variation specific details from the variation product page in SelluSeller.


  • TheMarket allows users to upload 2 types of image:
  • Description image: Description images are the common images of the product
  • Color image: Color images are the variation product specific images that appear on the buyer view when the buyer clicks on the variation.
  • SelluSeller group product images will be synced under description image whereas the variation product images will be synced to the color images on TheMarket.
  • While uploading/listing products in bulk using excel in SelluSeller for TheMarket, the first variation details will be captured as master product details in SelluSeller.

Few challenges

  • Due to API Limitations:
  • Existing products synced from TheMarket to SelluSeller will appear under draft state.
  • The current stock available on TheMarket will not be sync to the SelluSeller. However the stock can be updated from SelluSeller to TheMarket.

Hope this answers your question!

If you need further assistance, fire up the live chat or write to us at and we would be happy to help.

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