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Carrier Rules in OMS

Sometimes, we see that the certain types of orders are not accepted by some carriers or depending on our business requirements, we want some types of orders to be handled by a particular carrier itself.

For such situations, you can setup a Carrier Rules in your OMS account in order to get these orders auto assigned to the desired carrier/shipping method.


To setup the carrier rule:

  • Login into your OMS/SelluSeller Account.
  • Go to Integration -> Shipping Carrier Management and select Carrier Rules from the main page.
    A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generatedNOTE: In case you do not see the Carrier Rule option on your SelluSeller account, contact your Key Account Manager for the same.

  • Click on Add Carrier Rule option on the top-right of the page.
  • You get the add Rule page as below:
    A screenshot of a computer

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  • Mention the name for the Carrier Rule you are creating.
  • Select the conditions for the rule to get applied.
     You can select multiple conditions as well while setting up the carrier rule.
  • You can setup the conditional rule by either selecting one or more conditions as below:
    1. Country Code
    2. Post Code
    3. Item Weight
    4. SKU
    5. Storage Type
    6. Service Type
    7. Item Quantity
    8. Item Price
    9. Shipping Method
    10. City Group
    11. Order Weight
    12. Order Product Quantity
    13. Order Price

NOTE: If selected Item Price for the condition you can choose Order Price as another condition and vice-versa.

  • Depending on the condition/s selected, you’ll be required to set the condition/s to get the rule applied on the order.
    Once conditions are set, select the Shipping Method to be applied to the order once the mentioned conditions are met.
    You can also click on Add under Select Shipping Method/s box to get the same applicable for other marketplace/s.

  • Once all the required rules are setup, click on Create Rule button at the bottom of the page.
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  • New Carrier Rule is created and is now active on the account.
    A close-up of a login page

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  • In case, you need to Edit the set conditions for the rule, you can click on Edit option under Actions column.
  • You can set multiple carrier rules as per you are requirement.
  • In case, you need to Deactivate the rule or the change the priority of the rule, click on 3 vertical dots under Actions column.
    A screenshot of a computer

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In case you are setting up the Rule based on Country Code, City Group, SKU, and/or Post Codes, you’d need to upload these details before you can setup the rules.

  • To upload these details, click on Bulk Actions option on the right of the Carrier Rules page.
  • Click on the respective template link to download the template.
  • Once filled, upload the same by clicking on the respective Upload button.

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