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How to connect to Tiktok shop on OMS

Note - Please reach out to your respective Key Account Manager (KAM) before you connect your TikTok shop with Anchanto Order Management.


Step 1:-

After you Sign Up for OMS, in the primary navigation tab on the left side; click on Integration > Advanced

Integrations > Add Stores.

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Step 2:-

You will see a list of integrated Ecommerce Channels. Now, select the Tik Tok Shop and click on Add button to integrate the store with OMS.



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Step 3:-

Fill up the required details to integrate with Tiktok:

  • Store Name: input the store name. This name is used for Anchanto OM management only and will not affect the store name on Tiktok
  • Order tag: select B2C
  • Select warehouse: select the Anchanto OM warehouses to map with this TikTok Shop store  
  • Shop ID: To get the shop code. please follow these steps:
  1. Log in to Seller Center.
  2. Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and locate the shop name displayed in that area. 
  3. Click on the shop name. A dialog box will appear, and underneath the shop name.
  4. In the dialog box, you will find the shop code.



  • Specify warehouse for data fetch: 
    • for non-multi warehousing OM account: input All  
    • for multi-warehousing OM account: input the Tiktok Shop warehouse ID and separated by comma. The warehouse ID can be found in the order detail of Tiktok Shop order.




Step 4:-

Click on Generate API token button


Step 5:-

User is required to select the account region type to authorize the integration process. 


Step 7:-

OMS will start to fetch (sync) the following data from the connected online channel:

• All Listings (known as catalogue in OMS)

• All Inventory (stock) level


• Orders from last 90 days

• Shipping Methods (known as carrier (couriers))


Note -  1) On Tiktok marketplace we can only list group or kit products.

            2) For Tiktok, it is recommended to fill all the optional attributes while listing to give more details to the buyer


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