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Why are the orders failed and they are marked as RTS failed?

Several factors can contribute to orders failing to move into the ready-to-ship status and receiving an RTS Failed issue in Anchanto OMS.

  • Shipping label not fetch/generated
  • Shipping label delayed
  • Orders Delayed and failed, no response etc.
  • Order has being processed from platform directly
  • Order not confirmed from marketplace
  • Order getting cancelled from sales channel
  • Store disconnected

A. User are able to find RTS Failed order from OMS order module like below image.

B. User can choose to retry RTS again to fix issues for common issues point (1), (2) and (3)

C. For point (1) & (2) can be easily identified in OMS order module - Missing Labels, therefore user can proceed with push retry fetch shipping label from OMS directly.

D. For Point (4), if the order are processed, user require to mark order as completed in OMS as the order will not be able to update for this case scenario.

E. For point (5) store disconnected, user require to reconnect the stores at integration module to fix the issues. The          other unidentified issue, and unable to retry RTS, kindly raise ticket to our support team to further check. 

Please find below the attached video link for your reference -

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