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Supplier Management - WMS 3.0

Supplier Management



Supplier is a person or business that responsible to supply and deliver products to warehouse.

Use of Supplier in Anchanto WMS:

  1. Anchanto WMS Inbound module will provide you option to raise PO against the supplier also to track the movements and status of PO.
  2. Anchanto WMS B2B order module will provide you option to raise return to specific Supplier.

Creation of Supplier:

  • Go to ‘Supplier’ module and click on Add Supplier.

  • Fill up the supplier information and click on ‘Add New Supplier’ button.
  • A new supplier is created.

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Supplier Creation in Bulk

  • Select Bulk Upload and download the excel.

  • A pop-up will appear and click on ‘Download’ button to download the sample template.
  • Fill the details of Supplier Info as per the template and import to Wareo.

  • You will be redirected to ‘Bulk Activities’ tab and will see the upload status.
    Note: Error report gets generated if upload is failed.

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  • A new supplier info is created
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