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WMS 3.0 :- Inbound Creation and Processing


  • Inbound is the shipment receiving process that are performed at different levels of complexity to bring the items quantity into the storage area physically using Wareo WMS system.
  • Inbound process in WMS system required creation of consignment (PO/ASN), GRN creation, Receiving, Counting & QC and last to Put-Away.
  • Receiving process and process owner:
  1. Creation of Advance Shipping Note (ASN) Warehouse Admin
  2. Creation of Purchase Order (PO) Warehouse Admin
  3. Create Goods Received Note for ASN/PO Warehouse Admin
  4. Counting, QC & Put-Away Warehouse Operation Team
  • Creation of Purchase Order (PO) required supplier information that needed to be first created under “Supplier module” from primary panel.




  1. Create a Purchase Order (PO).
    1. Go to ‘Inbound’ module and select the ‘Purchase Orders’ and click on ‘Create PO’ on the right.

    2. Choose the type (PO/ASN) then fill up the details and click on ‘Create Purchase Order’ button to create PO.

      Type: - Type of Inbound (Purchase Order or Advance Shipping Note)
      Purchase Order No:- PO Number (Auto generated if left blank)
      Company:- Company/customer this inbound created for.
      Supplier:- Product supplier of the company. If ASN is selected this field becomes unavailable.
      Shipping Date: - When the Supplier will send the products.
      Receiving Date: - Estimated date when warehouse will receive the products. Tick the box if receiving date is same as shipping date.
      Shipping To/Shipping Address: - Warehouse Destination. Shipping address automatically filled with information from selected Warehouse.
      Instructions: - Instruction of how to handle the inbound.
      Value Added Services: - Tick which services applied for the inbound.

    3. There are 4 ways to add products into the Purchase Order.
      1. Add products by searching the name/SKU/UPC.
      2. Add all OOS products by clicking the Add Out of Stock button.
      3. Add all low stock products by clicking Add Low on Stock button.
      4. Add in bulk in Excel sheet by clicking on Upload button.

Sample of Bulk Upload Product to Purchase Order

  1. Product Name:- Name of the product
  2. SKU:- SKU of the product. (SKU must be added in Inventory before added to Purchase Order.)
  3. UOM:- Unit of Measurement of the SKU
  4. MFUPC/EAN:- Product code of the SKU
  5. Expiry Date:- Leave blank if it’s not enabled for the product. If expiry date is unknown at this phase leave it blank we can add it later during QC phase.
  6. Batch Number:- Leave blank if it’s not enabled for the product. If expiry date is unknown at this phase leave it blank we can add it later during QC phase.
  7. Order Quantity:- Total units ordered.
  8. Unit Price:- Price of the products.

  1. Create GRN
    1. To create a GRN, go to ‘Inbound’ module and select the ‘Purchase Orders’. Enter the GRN quantity and click on ‘Create GRN’ button.

      Note: DO Number (Delivery Order) and Import Number (Import ID number) are optional.

    2. You will get a notification confirming GRN is successfully created. Now, click on ‘Go to GRN Tab’ button to process GRN. Note: Click ‘Download GRN’ button to download GRN document if required.
    3. GRN Document:
      Note: Received Qty, Usable Qty, Unusable Qty and Discrepancy will be updated after Count and QC phase.

  2. GRN Receiving [Separate Count & QC Flow]
    1. Go to ‘Inbound’ module and select the ‘Goods Received’ from secondary navigation panel. Click on ‘Receive’ button.

    2. Enter the receiving details such as No of Cartons, Pallets, Serial Tag No, Container No, Permit No, Image and click on ‘Received Confirm’ to acknowledge receiving of GRN at warehouse.

    3. Select the date on which the consignment is received and click on Confirm.

    4. You will view a pop-up and click on ‘Start Counting’ to physically count the received stock.

    5. Click on the ‘GRN number’ or ‘Process Count & QC’ button under Actions column to perform physically counting of the products.
    6. Click on the ‘Count’ and click ‘Add’ button to enter the received quantity.
    7. Enter physical received units and click ‘Update’ button.

    8. Click on ‘Count’ and ‘Close Counting’ button to confirm counting is completed for product.
    9. You’ll get the pop-up to confirm. Click on Close Counting button.

    10. Now to perform Quality Check, click on the ‘QC’.

    11. Specify Usable, Unusable & Quarantine quantity by scanning/entering the SKU and click ‘Update’ button.
    12. To put-away the product to storage locations, click on ‘Put Away’ button.
    13. Scan the location, input the quantity, and click on ‘Put Away’ button.

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