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Reports Creation - WMS 3.0

 The report modules provide user the summarized information for the stakeholder, making a business decision, protecting your interest and others usage.

The fast and transparent reporting provides finance departments that are aiming at reducing the data compilation time as they endeavor to provide high quality information quicker.

The report modules allow user to generate numerous types of reports related to data and operations like, Order Reports, Daily product count report, Inventory reports and others.

User are given information fields option to choose and save as default fields to be generated for any report every time.



  • To Generate New Reports > Select Reports Module from Primary Navigation Panel and click on Create New Report

  • Select the specific report from drop-down to be generated, select the company that wish to generate report from.
    Optional: Enter email address if you want WMS to send the reports to your email.

  • Select all fields and Uncheck the fields that is not required to be in the report, Click “Add To Default Fields” to save as default for next time of generating.

    If user did not click on “Add to Default Fields”, the next time of generating of same report will have to check/uncheck again.

  • Uncheck fields can be added back into the default by clicking on “Add More Fields”, Check the fields to add and click on “Add to Default Fields”.

  • Select Occurrence of report auto generating based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Ad-hoc basis.

  • Select Type of Report format between XLS and CSV.
  • Click on “Create Report” to generate report and “Cancel” to reset action.

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