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WMS 3.0:- ‘Entry Date’ in the Inventory Locations Details

Q: How does WMS capture the ‘Entry Date’ displaying in the Inventory Locations details?

A: Entry Date is the date of Stock Location created on. It will not change.

Stock Location means, consider it has an object which is created when some inbound or stock operation is done, it stores details of the stock added or removed from a location having certain batch if present, expiry for a stock location is nothing but the expiry of the batch.

Q: The ‘Entry Date’ is the first date that the stocks for the batch are inbounded to the location? If a different batch and SKU is inbounded to the same location, will it get updated?

 A: Not at all, it will not update the entry date of the existing Entry date for a stock location, it will never get updated. If a new inbound is done with different batch and same SKU and if for the same batch inbound is not performed earlier than a new stock location with the new entry date will be created. And if the batch used has already some inbound done earlier than the stock will be added to the existing stock location but will not change the entry date.

 Here are the sample scenarios 

  1. New SKU A with Batch A – New Entry Date will be created
  2. Existing SKU A with new Batch B – New Entry Date will be created
  3. New SKU B with Batch A - New Entry Date will be created
  4. Existing SKU B with new Batch B - New Entry Date will be created
  5. Existing SKU A with same Batch A – Entry Date will NOT get updated
  6. Existing SKU A with same Batch B – Entry Date will NOT get updated

Q: Will WMS assign the pick location based on the entry date?

A:  No, WMS will not assign pick location on the basis of entry date.

Q:  If there is an inbounded stocks to the same location, will the entry date get updated?

A:  No, it will effect on entry date of any inbound, as it is a date of stock location creation, it will be static for a stock location.


Picking is based on the expiry date of a stock location whose expiry is nearest, the picking will be done from that stock location first.


Q: For the scenario where the batch AA stocks were on 3 different locations, how will WMS assign the picking location? Which location will be assigned to an order?
 A: If same batches with expiry date are there -> batch with location alphabetical will be taken first, location name in ascending order.

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