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WMS 3.0 – SKUs are not displayed on Packing List for B2B Order

The SKU details are not available on Packing list when the Simplified Flow is enabled for the Packing under B2B Orders.

In this case, we need to confirm whether at packing, the Simplified flow is enabled for the B2B orders or not.

The option to check whether Simplified Flow is enabled or not is not available on UI and can only be checked from backend with the help of Customer Support Team.

In case of Simplified flow, all the operations happen on Carton level. Hence, it does not show any SKU details on Packing list.

In case customer wants the SKU information to be displayed on B2B Invoice, can get the Simplified Flow disabled for Packing under B2B order with the help of Customer Support Team.



(Sensitive details our morphed due to data security)



Invoice with Simplified Flow Enabled:



Invoice with Simplified Flow disabled:

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