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How to identify Product ID and Variation ID on Shopify Store


Once you log into the Shopify Store, select the product for which you wish to confirm the product id and check the URL. 

If the Product is a Single Product or Master Product, the URL will be in the format:<storename>/product/<ProductId>

 If the Product is a Variant Product, the URL will be in the format:<storename>/product/<ProductId>/variants/<VariantId>


Below is an example for above explanation from our demo store “anchanto-test-demo” for the SKU “Executive Men's Embroidered Shortsleeves Office Barong (Green)



Here, 8413736206627 is the Product Id (Marketplace Code) of the SKU.


This SKU has 9 different variations as below:


Click on the variant to edit it, and the URL will show the Variation Id of the same.

For Example: XL / Green


Here, 45297929453859 is the Variant Id of the variant SKU XL / Green

This URL also gives us the product id of the master/parent SKU (highlighted in Green in above URL).



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