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Shopify Plugin App Integration Guide





Process flow diagram for FBA Shopify Plugin Connection:



Pre-requisites for Seller/Customer to connect FBA plugin with Wareo:

  • Active Shopify Account: To have active Shopify account to connect with Wareo using FBA plugin with all products having unique SKU code.
  • Installation of FBA app: To install FBA Shopify plugin app Click here or go to link (Ref. Sec 2.1).
  • Track Inventory and Fulfill Orders from One Location (FBA App): Shopify account should be enabled only for single storage location to track inventory and fulfil orders. Kindly note that FBA app do not support if it is enabled for multiple locations in your Shopify store to track inventory and fulfill orders at all your locations.
  • Inventory location - FBA App: All inventory to be allocated and tracked under FBA App location on Shopify. Kindly note that orders will get sync to Wareo through plugin only if inventory is tracked under FBA app on Shopify. Click here to view how to change location on Shopify (Ref. Sec 2.2).
  • Enabling Order Sync Only for Paid Orders: By default, once order is created on Shopify, order status can be paid or unpaid it will be sync to Wareo through FBA app and warehouse team can fulfil orders. However, if you want to fetch and process orders in Wareo only if it is confirmed and paid then this setting needs to configured by Anchanto team. To enable this setting, you can send email to or contact your account manager once the FBA app is installed on your Shopify store.   
  • Activate Shopify in Wareo: Once FBA app is installed you need to enable Shopify enabled setting at company level. Once this setting is activated inventory will start to sync to Shopify from Wareo through plugin (Ref. Sec 2.5).
  • Shipping Carrier Mapping: Firstly, you need to create carriers in Wareo which you are using for order fulfilment (Ref. Sec 2.3 & Sec 2.4). Once the carriers are created, to map Shopify shipping rates with Wareo shipping carriers. Kindly share details as mentioned below in the table to or with your account manager.

  1. Steps to connect Shopify App with Wareo

  1. To install FBA Shopify plugin app Click here or go to link 
  2. You will land on homepage of FBA Shopify plugin. Fill up your Shop URL and click Install button.


Figure 2-1 





  1. Click on Install Unlisted App to install the plugin.


Figure 2-2 

  1. Now you will view the page to enter the FBA credentials to connect plugin.  

Figure 2-3 



















  1. Get the required details from the Wareo such as API signature, API key and user email to setup FBA Shopify Plugin for the respective company.
    1. Login to Wareo as a warehouse admin and go to Configurations>> Customers >>All.
    2. Click on company name to view details

Figure 2-4 

  1. After successful connection you will receive a message- you are successfully logged in and you’re all set up! 

Figure 2-5 



  1. Change the inventory tracking and order fulfilment location to FBA app.

  1. Go to Products and open the product. 
  2. In the Inventory section, make sure Shopify tracks this product's quantity is selected in the Inventory policy list. 
  3. Click Edit locations and select Inventory managed by FBA App. D. Click Save 


Figure 2-6 

Note: Click here to view steps to change location in bulk on Shopify.






  1. Process to view/add carriers on Shopify platform

  1. Login to Shopify to access left-hand side menu and go to Settings >> Manage rates. 


Figure 2-7 

  1. Now you will be able to view your existing shipping carriers under Shipping to module names as a Rate Name (if shipping carriers or carrier service types are different then Rate Name should be named as unique).


Figure 2-8 






  1. If you want to add new shipping carrier. Click on Create shipping zone or click Add Rate and fill up the required details. Continue steps in 2.4 for shipping configurations in Wareo if this is done then proceed to 2.5.


Figure 2-9 

  1. Steps to add and to configure shipping carriers in Wareo

To configure shipping carrier in Wareo (eWMS). You can setup carrier in Wareo WMS at Warehouse level or Company level as per his requirement.  

  1. Carrier setup at Warehouse Level: This setup is done from backend with the help of Anchanto tech support, so to configure it kindly send email to or contact your account manager.
  2. Carrier setup at Company Level: Firstly, you need to request Anchanto to activate carrier in Wareo to Anchanto support team by sending email to if it is integrated carrier with Wareo. Once carrier is enabled, kindly follow below steps to configure it in Wareo.







Step 1: Login into Wareo with warehouse admin role. Go to Warehouse Setup > Carriers > Create. Fill all the required information including tracking URL, country and under logistic company select carrier and click on the Create button.


        Figure 2-10        

Note: Kindly use respective carrier code based on service type availed by you from carriers/3PLs.











Step 2: To map carrier at company level, go to Configurations>Customers>All and click on the Gear Symbol (i.e. Company Configurations) so that you will land to configurations page.


Figure 2-11 

Step 3: Click on Carriers Mapping to map the selected carriers for the company.


Step 4: Select the carriers from the available list which you want to map with the company and click on Update button to map the carrier and click Close symbol to exit the page.

Note: If the carrier you wish to map with the company is not present in the list you can create the new carrier under warehouse setup and then map the carrier in configurations.   

Step 5: Under configuration > Customers > All. Click on configure shipping method for respective company.


Figure 2-14 



Step 6: Now you will receive a pop-up and Click on Configure Shipping Method to add shipping method.

Figure 2-15 

Step 7: Select shipping type (i.e. Standard, Express or International) and carrier code based on your service type and click on Assign button.

Figure 2-16 

Step 8: Now go back to companies and again click on configure shipping method for respective company. Click on Add credentials.

Figure 2-17 

Step 9: Enter all the required details such as Nickname, Account id, Prefix, Access Token, Client and Password. (Note: You will get above details from your DHL carrier account).  

Figure 2-18 

  1. Steps to enable Shopify setting in Wareo at company level

  1. To enable Shopify at company level, go to Configurations>Customers>All and click on the Gear Symbol (i.e. Company Configurations) to land to configurations page.

Figure 2-19 






  1. Select checkbox against Shopify enabled and click on Save button. Once all the steps are performed kindly contact Anchanto support team or your account manager to perform shipping carrier mapping.   

Figure 2-20 

Pre-requisites for Anchanto to connect FBA plugin with Wareo:

  • To perform validation with seller, to check if inventory tracking and order fulfilment is tracked from one location or multilocation.  
  • Once validation check is completed then only Shopify account with single inventory locations to be connected with Wareo through FBA plugin.
  • Upon receiving request from seller need to perform configuration if only paid or even unpaid orders to be sync in Wareo through FBA app plugin.
  • To perform carrier mapping with the help of technical support as requested by Seller.
  • To perform check for order sync, product sync and stock is completed.
  • Once all the above prerequisites are fulfilled or completed then kindly inform the seller so that he can initiate his operations.  


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